We are at your side – from the initial idea through to successful series production.

You receive independent and highly specialized advice that optimizes the quality of your supply chain on the basis of a potential analysis carried out by a technical expert.


Save up to 20% with our 3-step formula!

We analyze and present to you where and why price reductions are possible in your supply chain.

  1. Analysis directly from the technical expert
  2. Development directly from the technical expert
  3. Results directly from the technical expert

Purchasing parts

HIPP offers independent, highly specialized advice. HIPP analyzes your requirements for turned, milled and laser parts and assemblies and addresses the most elementary conditions for efficient and effective procurement. The analysis identifies your cost level. It provides evidence of optimization approaches, quality and enables a reduction in procurement costs beyond traditional purchasing negotiations.

The main advantages for you as a customer are:

  • Variable costs per procurement
  • Concentration on the core business
  • Increased quality and procurement reliability
  • Reduced stocks
  • Total cost reduction

Make or Buy

A “make-or-buy decision” is the decision as to whether a certain service or product is better sourced from external providers or manufactured in-house. This decision must be based on the criteria of cost, quality, time, availability of resources and risks (e.g. independence from suppliers, feasibility, etc.).


Purchasing policy has now become very important in companies. Every euro saved in purchasing has a significant multiplier effect on the operating result. For example, assuming a return on sales of 4% and a 60% share of materials used, a saving of one percentage point in purchasing has the same effect as a 25% increase in sales. Such figures alone illustrate how important it is to organize purchasing efficiently and in a well-structured manner.

& warehouse management

Hipp Präzisionstechnik offers the customer just-in-time, Kanban delivery in accordance with the customer’s logistics philosophy.

We deliver filled Kanban containers to your incoming goods department or directly to the point of consumption. Our variant is intended for customers with a highly fluctuating flow of goods or changing article types.

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