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We are at your side – from the initial idea through to successful series production.

The implementation of customer ideas with complex geometries and high quality requirements is our passion. We do not leave out almost any of the machining methods required on the market. Our service begins with the design and ends with the delivery of the finished product according to customer requirements.


The production of micro-precision turned parts is made possible by special machines. Combined further processing such as eroded, honed or hardened and ground turned parts are available. Various surface treatments can be applied.

  • Micro precision turned parts
  • Special machines for small precision components
  • Different versions of the turned parts
  • Various surface treatments


The precise production of micro-precision milled parts is made possible by the use of specialized machines. Combined machining options are available, including eroded, honed, hardened and ground milled parts. Various surface treatments can also be carried out.

  • Micro-precision milled parts
  • Special machines for small precision components
  • Different versions of the milled parts
  • Various surface treatments

& honing

Hipp Präzisionstechnik has all the possibilities such as plunge-cut grinding of turned parts or through-feed grinding of turned parts, as well as precision grinding of turned and milled parts. Whether surface grinding or profile grinding of turned and milled parts – Hipp offers you the solution.

Especially for very precise and fine bores, Hipp relies on the honing of turned and milled parts.

  • Grooving loops
  • Through loops
  • Grinding tools
  • Precision grinding

Laser processing

Our advanced laser processing redefines precision and versatility. We have mastered the art of laser manufacturing, from fine engravings to precise cuts. Our experienced team will guide you from conception to series production to provide customized solutions. Learn more about our capabilities and experience how we turn your visions into excellent results.

Surfaces & hardening

Surfaces can be decisive for the perception of a product – which is why a chrome finish, for example, is usually worthwhile for purely aesthetic reasons. Apart from modern design requirements, however, galvanized surfaces also offer a range of tangible benefits that every specialist will appreciate. These include, above all, permanent protection against corrosion, but also resistance to wear, increased surface hardness and protection against aggressive liquids.

  • Galvanized surfaces
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Increasing the surface hardness

& final assembly

Our expertise extends to the assembly of complex assemblies, where we focus on maximum precision and efficiency. In our state-of-the-art assembly hall, we use innovative processes to realize even the most demanding assemblies.

A central focus is on various joining techniques such as bonding, laser welding, pressing and screwing for different materials. These diverse methods not only enable reliable connections, but also optimal adaptation to the specific requirements of different materials, and the use of different joining processes enables us to create not only robust, but also lighter assemblies. This contributes to increased efficiency and resource conservation, as we can respond flexibly to individual requirements.


Our quality assurance is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. With state-of-the-art testing methods and highly qualified employees, we ensure that every component and assembly meets the highest quality standards. Our aim is not only to meet our customers’ expectations, but to exceed them.

In our quality assurance department, we rely on precise measurement methods and sophisticated testing processes to ensure that every product meets our strict quality criteria. We take the time to check every detail to guarantee the highest precision and reliability.

Hipp+ & Supply management

We are at your side – from the initial idea through to successful series production.

You receive independent and highly specialized advice that optimizes the quality of your supply chain based on a potential analysis carried out by a technical expert.

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